About us

From Left: Johan Brink, Flip Brink, Marti Brink, Hané Brink, Jaco Brink.

Ours is a young company, only founded in 2016. We offer various tours throughout Namibia. We love to share the beauty of Namibia together with its rich history. 

We started in the early 1990's and even before that. We would travel with friends through Namibia and share with them the rich history with the amazing scenery. One day our friends said: "It would be great if you made this a business to show everyone the hidden beauty of this amazing country."

With that we started working on getting a business registered, we only had one problem - what will we call our business??

We finally found the name while we were on tour with one of our friends, when they said: "You guys are just like a Lodge On THE Move."

From that we created the perfect name - Lothem Safaris

We have two divisions;

We have Lothem Safaris

This is where we take you through Namibia with all its beauty and history.

Then recently we found a city with a lot of hidden stories and history - namely Windhoek.

That was when we created a subdivision namely - Windhoek City Tours

We discovered that not only do we have an amazing country but also an amazing capital. Therefore we take you step by step through the history of Windhoek. Together with this amazing city are our Suburbs, the Suburbs (which are located to the west of Windhoek) are the safest Sububrs in the whole world!